The priceless love!

She heard her for the first time!

Drenched in her blood!

All she could see was the another part of her, taking shape!

With love and hope, spreading in the air!

And she thought she has reasons to live and it would be worth a shot!

The baby’s eyes were black as a charcoal!

They were reflecting the light of her life!

They glittered in the sunlight and in the dark!

And conveyed the innocence of the soul!

And again , they made her feel that life is worth living!

She took her in her hand!

And her world turned around!

She knew that in life, there would be nothing so soft, that can deliver her that pleasure!

The touch of the heaven, the memory for an eternity!

And sure it made her feel that it was worth living!

There are few things, that can never stop amazing the universe!

And one of them is the baby, that comes into our life!

The best program, anyone can ever think of!

Written by God and delivered by a woman!

The word that can describe the baby and the relationship it brings with it to a woman!

The motherhood!

Is just Priceless!


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